Convicted Domestic Abusers Will No Longer Be Able To Own Guns In New York State

The New York State Legislature passed a bill last week that would prohibit convicted domestic abusers from buying and owning all guns. The legislation requires convicted domestic abusers to surrender all firearms, closing a loophole in previous legislation that required abusers to surrender only handguns. In addition, New York law previously stated that domestic abusers convicted […]

Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife Jennie Willoughby Just Wrote a Powerful Essay About Violence—and Not Being Believed

Last week two men in the White House were felled by domestic-violence allegations. One, David Sorensen, was a speechwriter; another, Rob Porter, a top aide. Porter had kept his job despite two ex-wives telling the FBI that he’d physically and mentally abused them. Both men would go on to resign—but on Friday President Donald Trump […]

Couple loses custody of children after being deemed “not intelligent enough” to care for the babies

An Oregon couple has been fighting a legal battle after they lost custody of their two kids because both were designated not intelligent enough to care for them in a safe and proper manner. A relative to the couple initially expressed concern in a complaint to authorities regarding the Christopher’s well-being under the care of […]

Charlize Theron opens up again about her traumatic childhood

Charlize Theron is known for her hard-as-nail roles in movies such as Mad Max and her most recent movie – Atomic Blonde, but the 41-year-old South African actress is also made of stern stuff off the silver screen. Theron has been relatively open about her childhood, where she witnessed and suffered under her parents’ turbulent relationship. Her alcoholic […]

Serena Williams: There’s more to domestic violence than physical abuse

How can society prevent and fight domestic or intimate partner abuse? Traditionally, solutions tend to center on helping communities promote healthy communication and relationships. But far less discussed is the topic of money — and how finances can complicate abusive relationships, be used to abuse and terrorize their partners. and make it harder for victims to leave. Tennis […]

Woman Exiled For Calling The Police On Her Abusive Ex in Missouri

When Rosetta Watson, a black woman with disabilities living in Maplewood, Missouri, needed protection from an abusive ex-boyfriend, she did what she was supposed to do: She called the police. On four occasions between 2011 and 2012, she contacted local law enforcement, telling authorities that Robert Hennings hit, shoved and choked her. Watson wanted relief from […]