Our Approach


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Our Approach:

With growing sensitivity towards social and environmental issues and shareholders concerns, companies are increasingly striving to become better corporate citizens. Executives recognise that long-term economic growth is not possible unless that growth is socially and environmentally sustainable. A balance between economic progress, social responsibility and environmental protection sometimes referred to as triple bottom line, can lead to competitive advantage. — Marc Epstein



Transcendent Media Capital combines management consulting, media production and technology to provide solutions for clients Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.  We build International Social Ventures (ISV’s) which are practical collaborative projects between our clients and our NGO partners around the world. We support corporate organisations to turn their CSR and marketing departments into profit-centres through the use of media capital.

  • human resources value through establishing organisational evangelists,
  • commitment, collaboration and performance improvements of CSR engaged employees (research shows that best results are achieved through whole organisation engagement)
  • creation of measurable social and environmental value which more accurately reflects triple bottom line
  • brand value and loyalty by creating narratives that engage grass roots action and corporate collaboration for social and environmental change
  • development of brand building initiatives where returns can be measured in financial, social and environmental value
  • opportunities to build brand recognition in targeted new markets prior to product or service roll out
  • expand the depth and sustainability of CSR impacts by creating real solutions with NGO’s that have a real impact on the issue and measurable results
  • expanded capacity to build international partnerships and international visibility
  • increase the possibility of becoming a supplier of choice

Transcendent Media Capital also develops its own global campaigns which combine a range of media assets and grass roots action as well as collaborations with NGO’s globally to inform, educate, challenge myths and stereotypes and to create practical projects that contribute resources to solving issues globally.

We employ convergent media strategies to maximise returns and reduce risk exposure for investors by commercialising stories across media platforms in a range of formats. Current projects range across issues such as domestic violence, mental health, illegal sex trafficking, ethnic cleansing, and youth at risk to name a few.

Transcendent Media Capital provides the full production service:

  • development of ISV framework and partnerships
  • education workshops through client organisation on the social or environmental issues
  • content marketing strategies
  • media and communications plans
  • media asset acquisition and development
  • entire media production cycle
  • international sales and distribution of media content

The majority of our profits are reinvested into creating and telling new stories and addressing different social, cultural and environmental issues. TMC hopes to provide a working example and model for developing profitable businesses that genuinely contribute benefit to social and environmental issues. We believe that this is the way forward for businesses of the future.

TMC utilises future media to increase interactivity of stories through virtual and augmented reality experiences.




Our Values:

  • Integrity – Being who we said we would be in all actions and communications. Walking our talk and being accountable.
  • Quality – Bringing the highest standard and attention to detail into all of our deliverables. Striving for the realisation of our vision and not settling for less than the dream.
  • Innovation – Bringing creativity and innovative vision and thinking to all of our projects and how we choose to deliver and commercialise them. Empowering entrepreneurship.
  • Inclusivity – Providing a platform that is globally inclusive, where all voices and points of view can be heard, grounded in knowledge and resource sharing.

Our Mission:

  • To tell high-quality, social and environmental impact stories for international distribution that deliver returns to our stakeholders whilst making a positive difference in the world.

Our Vision:

  • To create a safe place where people can use story-telling to heal conflict and contribute to productive problem-solving globally.


Transcendent Media Capital is also co-producing content with other production companies around the world.

Transcendent Media Capital runs virtual offices.

Team members are located across UK, Europe and North America and TMC currently developing content with writers in Canada, Portugal, France, New Zealand, U.S.A, Germany and Italy.

For more information on new or existing projects, contact Peta Milan at peta@www.transcendent-media.com