Our Approach


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Our Approach:

Transcendent Media Capital converges media and entertainment, technology with environmental and social impact.


Anais Nin spoke in her interview with Oliver Evans in the ‘70’s “[When speaking of transcendending] I’m talking about transparency. That we suddenly see our human life, our daily life not in plain, homely, burdensome terms as we sometimes see it, but as having significance, as having a beauty, as having a purpose. So we see it as part of the whole, we see it as part of the country, as part of the community or part of history…”


It is in this spirit that Transcendent Media Capital was named and serves to challenge the mistrust in false narratives and myopic characterizations that are so often imbued within the media. Instead we bring transparency, integrity and a voice to the global issues that can benefit from the collective power of great story telling, media and technology  bringing light to and actively participate in solving these issues. Without such effort, combining media and practical initiatives, these issues continue to plague our communities.” – Peta Milan, CEO – Transcendent Media Capital



Imagine if incredible films like 12 Years a Slave had been produced alongside a global campaign to end slavery, or if The Help had been produced in collaboration with a program to empower oppressed people of colour, or if Girl Interrupted had been produced alongside a global project to build awareness and educate communities and support people struggling with mental illness? Imagine the power of what is already incredible story-telling to affect real and measurable social and environmental change if combined with practical projects to tackle the issues these stories address? Even short films have the power to effect change, such as A Dangerous Journey, by the creatively brilliant Ruth Beni, which supported laws to be changed in the UK where women caught smuggling drugs from the Caribbean to the UK are not longer charged as drug traffickers, but rather as victims of human trafficking. This move has seen a dramatic reduction in these types of trafficking incidents.

This is what Transcendent Media Capital does. We produce high quality media content ranging from feature films, TV, short films, games, music, web content and live performance alongside real and practical projects across a wide range of social and environmental issues. With partnerships with over 200 NGO’s globally across a range of issues, TMC works with our partners to design the projects which we call International Social Ventures (ISV’s), designing the project, assisting to manage the implementation, producing and selling the media assets and designing, monitoring and reporting on the impact metrics.

Our process model



Our ISV’s engage six key elements for ensuring sustainable impact


The media production on these projects are designed with convergent strategies that involve a package of three or more of the following production elements:

We produce media projects for three core groups:

  1. Independent – global projects in collaboration with other international production companies
  2. Corporations – seeking to empower effective Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that bring both financial returns and quantifiable social and environmental impacts. See Corporate Services page for more information
  3. NGO’s – seeking to broaden project collaborations, utilise media assets as part of the development of tools and outreach and participate in projects that are independently funded. See

All projects are for-profit and deliver measurable social and environmental impacts. We combine local and international distribution channels.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – Being who we said we would be in all actions and communications. Walking our talk and being accountable.
  • Quality – Bringing the highest standard and attention to detail into all of our deliverables. Striving for the realisation of our vision and not settling for less than the dream.
  • Innovation – Bringing creativity and innovative vision and thinking to all of our projects and how we choose to deliver and commercialise them. Empowering entrepreneurship.
  • Inclusivity – Providing a platform that is globally inclusive, where all voices and points of view can be heard, grounded in knowledge and resource sharing.

Our Mission:

  • To tell high-quality, social and environmental impact stories for international distribution that deliver returns to our stakeholders whilst making a positive difference in the world.

Our Vision:

  • To create a safe place where people can use story-telling to heal conflict and contribute to productive problem-solving globally.


Transcendent Media Capital is co-producing content with other production companies around the world and options content as well as creates its own.

Transcendent Media Capital runs virtual offices.

Team members are located across UK, Europe and North America and TMC currently developing content with writers in Canada, Portugal, France, New Zealand, U.S.A, Germany and Italy.

For more information on new or existing projects, contact Peta Milan at peta@www.transcendent-media.com