Zuma The Dog and Friends Productions

Zuma The Dog and Friends Productions is a joint venture between Transcendent Media Capital and Bertish and Co. Currently with over 60,000 fans globally, a book, “Zuma and the Jack Pack”, published by Pegasus and interactive games on PopJam, kids and merchandisers alike are waiting for the launch of Zuma the Dog and Friends, a new brand focusing on children’s ed-tech and entertainment products which provides diversity education for youngsters. Zuma the Dog and his friends and as well and Bertish and Co. and Transcendent Media Capital are looking for investment partners that are passionate about creating a world that is more accepting and tolerant of diversity, as well as excited about the convergence of media and technology to elevate access to diversity education to children around the world. With Zuma the Dog having a proven track record of success amongst children and publishers, Zuma the Dog and Friends is well placed to be the global leader in diversity education. For more information about this exciting investment, contact us.