Open Investments

Now more than ever, we need a world embracing the values of diversity and taking actions that reflect inclusion, tolerance and respect. At TMC, we believe social transformation starts with our YOUTH. Zuma the Dog and Friends Productions is an ed-tech and entertainment company for young children specialising in diversity education. With an already established fan-base and some pre-existing IP, Zuma and his friends teach children between the ages of 4-9 about social, religious, cultural, racial and bio-diversity.




Sports, for as long as humans have been on the planet, bring communities together in both competition and celebration. Sports have been central to the fostering of social and cultural identities. But what does the future of sport look like in a post-pandemic world? How do we bring together the real and the virtual harmoniously into a shared experience? Skyrace is the first net zero sport, which brings gamers and real pilots head to head in the first hybrid e-sports / real sports competition with gliders that race in excess of 400km/h, making it the fastest sport on the planet.




Faces of Terror is part of TMC’s diversity education commitment and is a 6 part documentary series for TV which makes accessible to the everyday viewer the complex topic of radicalisation and practical strategies that communities can engage in to prevent the radicalisation of our young people. Already with distribution interest, this company is ready for a passionate investment partner to give this project life. With NGO partnerships running a live victim support campaign through the programme, this project seeks to heal both individuals and communities from the impacts of mass violence.


The Jodhi Project is TMC’s mothership food security company, with a regenerative development fund under construction in addition to a technology business in line with our vertical integration investment strategy. With pilots commencing in Portugal and Malta, with expected growth into US, UK, Africa, Australia and the Gulf, this business combines agroforestry and indoor farming principles and has a unique tech based scaling model, through the Global Jodhi Alliance, a global platform for home growers, commercial growers and Jodhi Growing Centres to connect and distribute through an accredited, climate protected food production and distribution methodology.