Skyrace is the first World Cup Sport of its kind. With net zero emissions, it is the first sport that has the potential to grow powerfully in a post-pandemic world. Bringing real pilots together to compete real time with gamers, this adrenaline packed race of over 400km/hr is looking for an investment partner to power the development of its MVP and user engagement activities. With the technology partner in place to build the game, including partnerships in place to develop real time in-game weather simulation, we will be the first sport to bring real and virtual worlds together. 

Currently a joint venture between Planetaire and Transcendent Media Capital, this investment is ideal for the investor who is passionate about creating market leadership in sports, through media and technology convergence and testing new limits in the potential for emerging tech to transform the world of interactive sports. To find out more about this unique opportunity to participate in shaping the future of technology and sport, contact us