Transcendent Media Capital is creating and designing an innovative fund that provides LPs and investors exposure to vertically integrated businesses that safeguards the territories within the Whole System Approach. The fund is uniquely designed where each business supports the vertical ecosystem of the other businesses increasing the likelihood for success for the fund.

Vertical integration of businesses have existed and are used by many corporations to grow and strengthen their core businesses and/or market shares.  This will be the first investment product designed with this model that encourages ‘coopetition’ and ensures positive impact to people, communities and Earth. 

The fund is also designed with metrics to measure real returns, a triple bottom line, offering individuals and institutional investors an alternative ESG investment.


Invest in TMC’s Global Regenerative Agriculture Real Estate Fund. Each fund or vehicle will invest in one or more land/properties that meet Jodhi Growing Centre’s criteria. Investments in Fund 1 and Fund 2 will be in Portugal and Malta. All land/properties will be revitalised and developed for the purpose of establishing a Jodhi Growing Centre which will result in topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving water cycle, reducing climate change impacts on food production, all in alignment with the Jodhi Growing Centre objectives and The Jodhi Project’s mission. 

 The fund is currently in development and is the first of a number of funds planned by Transcendent Media Capital and the prospectus will be available in Q2 2021

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