TMC and Animage Create Animated Comedy Series for Tweens Addressing Sex and Relationships

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 12, 2019   TMC and Animage Create Animated Comedy Series for Tweens Addressing Sex and Relationships Hong Kong-based Transcendent Media Capital (TMC) and UK-based Animage Films have signed a joint venture deal to create a 2-D animated comedy series called “The Confusing World of Ibi and Sim”. Aimed at […]

In the words of Yuan Feng: “Different sectors need to work together to fight domestic violence”

Our organization uses many approaches to fight violence against women. One is research and analysis. For example, we research how the media covers domestic violence and how the court defines it. Another area of our work is “capacity building”. [That means] we help people understand domestic violence and the degree of danger that victims face. […]

Short Film Premiere at Supporting Victims of Cybercrime Conference in Brussels

Brussels – 30th November 2017 – cybercrime, film & victim support Victim Support Europe will hold it’s conference on Supporting Victims of Cybercrime in Brussels on December 8 2017 bringing together a host of European and National experts from the field. Recognising the millions of people who fall victim to cybercrime every year and who […]

Transcendent Media Capital acquire exclusive world-wide media production rights for Planetaire’s SRWC.

Sweden, 5 June 2017  Today, on World Environment Day, Transcendent Media Capital announce they have acquired exclusive world-wide media production rights for Planetaire’s Skyrace World Cup. Click here to view our film “I’m With Nature” celebrating World Environment Day Planetaire are the corporate body for Skyrace, the first interactive, genuinely eco-friendly e-Sport offering a 21st […]

Photographer Uses Disney Princesses To Draw Attention To Real-Life Issues

We like to think Disney princesses live happily ever after. But what if they were confronted with some of the uglier aspects of reality? Shannon Dermody, is a  talented 20-year-old photographer from Hancock, NY who currently attends Antonelli Institute in Philadephia, PA with a major in photography. Shannon used her talent to capture unnamed photo series featuring […]

Men as Victims of Domestic Violence: The Lesser Told Story

Various agencies around the world report that between 1 and 7, or 1 and 4 men experience abuse in their intimate partner relationships. The statistics depend on the agency and variations in statistics are often a result in the challenges men face in reporting abuse. In this article, Randy Flood, the co-founder of the Men’s Resource […]