Digital Intelligence: How Are We Supporting Our Kids?

We are now well and truly in the information age and as digitization of workforces, media, relationships and learning increases, how are we preparing our children to intelligently navigate their future? Their landscape will look totally different to ours. In addition to building emotional intelligence in our kids, as our world is in urgent need of more empathy, compassion and accountability, should we also be thinking about the digital world our future generations will have to exist within and start assisting our kids to feel safe in a world that looks very different to ours now?

As a media company, Transcendent Media Capital is already envisioning breakthrough ways of story-telling, and we certainly are not the only ones, so the way in which we learn and engage in personal and working relationship will change as technological advances move at lightening speed.

The World Economic Forum published a great piece on how to equip our children with Digital Intelligence and what that means; read here for more…


To become well-rounded individuals, children must learn these eight digital life skills
Image: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

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