Trump’s Emotional Abuse Tactics in the First Debate

If there is anything that Trump is good for, it is showing to us all what dysfunction, narcissism, bullying, toxic masculinity and emotional abuse looks like. This is helpful insofar as assisting us to define what these harmful behaviours and traits look like so we can teach ourselves and our children what to steer clear of. It’s like knowing the smell of a rotten egg, so you know not to eat it and make yourself sick. Trump is the proverbial rotten egg.

Psychologists have identified the emotional abuse tactics Trump used in the first Presidential Debate and the breakdown of characteristics is fantastic as one or more of us have found ourselves in relationships either currently or in the past that bear the same characteristics. As Free Yourself Global is preparing to launch its first series on the issue domestic violence globally, one major topic is “how do we define what emotional abuse is and what it looks like?” So thank you Donald for demonstrating to us an extensive list so more men, women and children know what not to be, and how not to behave and what to stay clear of in our relationships. Read here for more…


Photograph of Donald Trump at a lectern with a “Trump Pence” sign and two American flags in the background. Photograph by Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia.



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