Photographer Uses Disney Princesses To Draw Attention To Real-Life Issues

We like to think Disney princesses live happily ever after. But what if they were confronted with some of the uglier aspects of reality? Shannon Dermody, is a  talented 20-year-old photographer from Hancock, NY who currently attends Antonelli Institute in Philadephia, PA with a major in photography. Shannon used her talent to capture unnamed photo series featuring Disney princesses dealing with drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, rape, suicide and all the darkest aspects of our reality. 

  The concept I created was to show awareness of problems that is going on in the  world  today. So I decided to use characters that are held in a very high manner to  show real world problems that greatly impact today’s society.”

Her project reminds us that abuse and addiction can happen to anyone — even your childhood idols. She decided to explore the issues characters like Belle, Ariel and Tiana could face if they lived in modern times, like domestic violence or pollution. 

  I want people to not look away from these problems. They do exist.”

Dermody, who initially shot the images for a project in a photography class, posted the photos to her Facebook page in April and they’ve since gone viral — receiving 106,000 likes and 118,000 shares as of Tuesday afternoon.

  People need to realize this is happening in the world,” Dermody said.  “Even if it  doesn’t  affect you.”

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Transcendent Media Capital 

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