Free Yourself Global: Healing Families; Ending Domestic Violence


Artwork by Berner Panti

Free Yourself Global: Healing Families; Ending Domestic Violence

Free Yourself Global is the first interactive global domestic violence campaign incorporating three core elements:

  1. In line with TMC's unique impact and media model, Free Yourslef Global brings together speacialists in the field of domestic abuse, namely victim support, policy makers, academics and law enforcement creating and incredible impact project aimed at reducing the prevalence of domestic homicide gloablly. A convergent media project including the production of media assets such as social media campaigns, short films connected to education curriculums, feature length films, photo book, television series and music benefit concerts hosted by 10 cities around the world, turn this project into a for-profit venture, enabling financial continuity for the impact project.
  2. Free Yourself Global is also the largest story curating exercise of its kind: recording of stories from recovered abusers, victims and specialists working in the field including NGO’s, psychologists, law enforcers and policy makers to name a few
  3. Part of the development process includes production of an interactive digital platform where using cognitive technology to extract data from primary research, we can assess by geo-location the strengths and weaknesses in each region, mapped against a best practice roadmap. This will assist policy makers and support services world-wide to improve both preventative and services.

This campaign explores the enculturation of violence through families over generations across cultures, and how does one, whether the abuser or the abused, interrupt the pattern of violence? This for-profit campaign will contribute proceeds directly to our affiliate organizations combating this pandemic and supporting victims and recovering abusers. We also aim to connect professional and service groups to share resources, tools, ideas, and collaborate. Currently organizations from over 68 countries around the world have officiated their support of Free Yourself Global.

More importantly, this initiative hopes to bring together all of the voices of the participants of domestic violence, including recovering abusers, victims, children, educators, support agencies and health professionals, law enforcement agencies, politicians, celebrities and social entrepreneurs who work to aid in this cause. It is in this aim that "Free Yourself Global" inspires us. When all stakeholders come together in a grass roots forum, we strengthen our ability to understand, address, and end the cycle of domestic abuse.

Funded by a combination of private equity funding and corporate sponsorship, this campaign is an example of social entrepreneurship in action.

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Open to social impact investors April 2018.

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Victim Support Europe
Victim Support Europe
Springtide Resources
Springtide Resources
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National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence
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Victim Of Crime International
Sramabimani Sansadaya
Sramabimani Sansadaya
Participating countries in Free Yourself Global
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  • APAV

  • Portugal - APAV
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  • Femnet

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  • Burkina Faso - Groupe de Recherche –Action pour un Développement Endorgère de la Femme Rurdle du Burkina (GRADE-FRB)
  • Burundi - Collectif des Associations et ONGs Féminines du Burundi (CAFOB)
  • Burundi - Fontaire Isoko pour la bonne Gouvernance et le développement Integré
  • Cameroon - African Genesis Health
  • Cameroon - Association De Lutte Contre Les Violences Faites aux Femmes et aux Filles, Antenne de l’ Extreme-Nord (ALVF-EN)
  • Cameroon - Association Des Femmes Pour La Paix et La Prosperite Au Cameroon (AFEPP)
  • Cameroon - Association Femme pour la Femme (AFEF)
  • Cameroon - Femme Camerounaise Leader our la Paix et le Developpement
  • Cameroon - Femmes pour la Promotion de Leadership Moral (FEPLEM)
  • Cameroon - Forum for Women ‘s Advancement and Development (FOWAD)
  • Cameroon - Institut de Formation et de Coopération pour le Developpement (IFCD)
  • Cameroon - Ligue des Femmes pour l’Education Cameroon (LIFE)
  • Cameroon - Mutual Sisters Association
  • Cameroon - Rural and Urban Grassroots Business Women’s Association (RUGBWA)
  • Cameroon - SERVITAS Cameroun
  • Cameroon - Women’s Peace Initiatives
  • Cameroon - Youth for Peace
  • Chad - Association de Femme pour le Developpement et la Culture de la paix us Tchad (AFDCPT), Tchad
  • Congo - Comite National des Droits de la Femme (CONADEF)
  • Côte d'Ivoire - FEMNET Côte d'Ivoire
  • DRC Congo - Action Feminine Pour Le Developpement (AFEDECO)
  • DRC Congo - Actions pour La Reinsertion Sociale de la Femme (ARSF)
  • DRC Congo - Comité National Femme et Développement (CONAFED)
  • DRC Congo - Faith Word in Action (FWA)
  • DRC Congo - Ligue pour le Droit de la Femme Congolaise (LDFC)
  • DRC Congo - Peace and Development Women Coalition
  • Egypt - Centre for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance (CEWLA)
  • Egypt - Egypt Business Women Association (EBWA)
  • Ethiopia - Centre for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE)
  • Ethiopia - Institute of International Education (IIE) – Sub Sahara Africa
  • Ethiopia - Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Associations (UEWCA)
  • Gabon - ONG-SOIF
  • Ghana - Women Media and Change (WOMEC)
  • Ghana - Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR)
  • Ghana - Groots International- Ghana
  • Ghana - Anchor Foundation
  • Ghana - Restoration Foundation
  • Guinea - USTG (Union Syndicale des Travailleuses de Guinée
  • Guinea - Association des Femmes Entrepreneurs de Guinée (AFEG)
  • Kenya - Action For Rural Health And Development
  • Kenya - African Women & Child Feature Services
  • Kenya - African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program-Kenya Chapter (AWEP)
  • Kenya - Association of Media Women In Kenya (AMWIK)
  • Kenya - Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW)
  • Kenya - Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations (FEWA)
  • Kenya - Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa (FECCLAHA)
  • Kenya - Girl Child Network (GCN)
  • Kenya - Kenya Adult Learners Association
  • Kenya - Kibera Women For Peace & Fairness
  • Kenya - Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation (MYWO)
  • Kenya - National Council of Women in Kenya
  • Kenya - Oasis of Strength Women Group
  • Kenya - PCEA Eastleigh Community Centre
  • Kenya - Polycom Development Project
  • Kenya - SME Resource Centre
  • Kenya - Womankind Kenya
  • Kenya - Women Concern Kenya
  • Kenya - Women for Justice in Africa
  • Kenya - Women for Women/ CRECHE
  • Kenya - Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL)
  • Kenya - Young Women’s Leadership Institute (YWLI)
  • Liberia - Women of Liberia Peace Network (WOLPNET)
  • Liberia - Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC)
  • Malawi - Women for Fair Development
  • Malawi - NGO Gender Coordination Network
  • Malawi - Women in Politics Support Unit (WIPSU)
  • Malawi - Women’s Hope For Change
  • Mali - ABESFA
  • Mali - Association pour le Développement Social de la Femme et de l’Enfant (ADSFE)
  • Mali - Appui aux Initiative de base pour le development de la Femme-AIF
  • Mali - Association Malienne pour la Promotion de la Jeume Fille et de la Femme (AMPJFF)
  • Mali - Association des Femmes Ingenieurs pour Development la Solidarite (AFIDS)
  • Mali - Syndicat National de l’Education et de la Culture (SNEC)
  • Mali - Association des Secrétaires, Assistants et Attachées de Direction du Mali (ASAAD)
  • Mali - MUSONET-Mali
  • Mali - Association pour la Promotion Juridico economique de la Femme et de l”Enfant (PROMODEF)
  • Mali - Association pour la Promotion de la Femme et de L’Enfant au Mali (APROFEM)
  • Mali - AWLAE
  • Mali - Femme Sans Frontiere
  • Mauritania - Association Mauritanienne de Culte Centre les Pratiques Agissant sur la Santé de la Femme et de l’Enfant (AMPSFE)
  • Mauritius - Baha’i Office for the Advancement of Women
  • Mauritius - Cercle des Dames Mourides
  • Mauritius - Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS)
  • Morocco - Association Feminine La Lumiere (AFEL)
  • Morocco - Association Nationale Al HIDN
  • Mozambique - Forum MulherMUGEDE – Mulher, Genero e Desenvolvimento
  • Niger - ONG Dimol (DIGNITE)
  • Niger - CONGAFEN
  • Nigeria - Girls’ Power Initiative
  • Nigeria - Women’s Health and Rights Project (WHARP)
  • Nigeria - Guidance and Counselling Development Association (GCDA)
  • Nigeria - Women and Girl-Child Empowerment Initiative (WOGCEI)
  • Nigeria - Vision Spring Initiatives
  • Rwanda - Concertation des Collectifs et Association Féminines de la Région des Grands Lacs (COCAFEM-GL)
  • Rwanda - Association of Genocide Widows – AGAHOZO (AVEGA)
  • Rwanda - Rwanda Women’s Network
  • Sao Tome and Principe -
  • Senegal - FEMNET-Sénégal
  • Senegal - ONG FAMEDEV
  • Seychelles - Seychelles Gender Commission
  • Seychelles - Women in Action and Solidarity (WASO)
  • Sierra Leone - National Organisation for Women (NOW)
  • Somali - Somali
  • South Africa - Gender Links South Africa
  • South Africa - South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID)
  • South Sudan - South Sudan
  • Sudan - DRDA
  • Sudan - PASED/LEAP
  • Sudan - Salmmah Women’s Resource Centre
  • Sudan - Zenab for Women in Development (ZWD)
  • Swaziland - Swaziland
  • Tanzania - African Life Foundation (ALF)
  • Tanzania - Sahiba Sisters Foundation
  • Tanzania - Sasa Foundation
  • Tanzania - Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)
  • Tanzania - Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA)
  • Tanzania - Women Legal Aid Centre
  • Tanzania - Women Wake Up (WOWAP)
  • Tanzania - African Life Foundation (ALF)
  • Tanzania - Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)
  • Tanzania - Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA)
  • Tanzania - Women Legal Aid Centre
  • Togo - ITUC Africa ( Africa Regional Organization for the International Trade Union Confederation)
  • Togo - Santé de la Famille en milieu Rural et semi Urbain Togo
  • Togo - Echoppe – Togo
  • Tunisia - Association pour la Promotion des Femmes Entrepreneurs (APROFE)
  • Tunisia - Tunisian Mother’s association- Association Tunisiene des Meres (ATM)
  • Uganda - Akina Mama wa Africa (AMWA)
  • Uganda - Eastern African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women (EASSI)
  • Uganda - Empower Children & Communities Against Abuse (ECCA)
  • Uganda - Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE)
  • Uganda - iCON Enterprise Foundation
  • Uganda - Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women (MEMPROW)
  • Uganda - National Association of Women Organization (NAWOU)
  • Uganda - Uganda Association of Women Lawyers – (FIDA)
  • Uganda - Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET)
  • Uganda - Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (ISIS-WICCE)
  • Zambia - Zambia Association for Research Development (ZARD)
  • Zambia - Federation of Business & Professional Women
  • Zambia - NGO Co-ordinating Committee (NGOCC)
  • Zambia - Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA)
  • Zambia - Zambia Media Women Association (ZAMWA)
  • Zimbabwe - Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust
  • Zimbabwe - Gender & Economic Alternatives Trust(GEAT)
  • Zimbabwe - Women’s Action Group
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  • National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence
  • National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence

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  • Canada - National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence
  • Springtide Resources
  • Springtide Resources

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  • Canada - Springtide Resources
  • Sramabimani Sansadaya
  • Sramabimani Sansadaya

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  • Sri Lanka - Sramabimani Sansadaya
  • UMAR
  • UMAR

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  • Portugal - UMAR
  • Victim Of Crime International
  • Victim Of Crime International

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  • USA - Victim Of Crime International
  • Victim Support Europe
  • Victim Support Europe

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  • Austria - Weisser Ring Austria
  • Belgium - Steunpunt Algemeen Welzijnswerk
  • Bulgaria - SVCCC Foundation
  • Croatia - Bijeli krug Hrvatske (White Circle Croatia)
  • Croatia - Bijeli Prsten Hrvastke
  • Croatia - Croatia Victim and Witness Support service
  • Croatia - Ministry of Justice - Independent Sector for Victim and Witness Support
  • Czech Republic - Bily Kruh Bezpeci
  • Denmark - Offerradgivingen i Danmark
  • Denmark - Victim Aid Denmark
  • Estonia - Ohvriabi
  • Finland - Rikosuhripaivystys Suomessa
  • France - INAVEM
  • Germany - Arbeitkreis der Opferhilfen
  • Germany - Weisser Ring Germany
  • Hungary - Feher Gyuru Kozhasznu Egyesulet
  • Hungary - Office of Justice, Victim Support
  • Ireland - AdVIC
  • Ireland - Crime Victims Helpline
  • Ireland - Irish Tourist Assistance Service
  • Ireland - Victim Support Northern Ireland
  • Ireland - Victims of Crime Office
  • Italy - Associazione LIBRA Onlus
  • Italy - I-Care
  • Malta - Victim Support Malta
  • Netherlands - Slachtofferhulp Nederland
  • Poland - Subvenia Victima
  • Portugal - APAV
  • Romania - ACTEDO
  • Russia - Soprotivlenie
  • Serbia - Victimology Society of Serbia
  • Slovakia - Pomoc Obetiam Nasilia
  • Spain - A.N.V.D.V
  • Spain - ATENIN Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza de interés social
  • Spain - Favide
  • Sweden - Brottosofferjouren Sverige
  • Switzerland - Swiss Liaison Centre Committee for the Victims of Crime Act
  • Switzerland - Weisser Ring Switzerland
  • U.S.A - International Cruise Victims Association INC (Arizona)
  • United Kingdom - Victim Support England and Wales
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