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Transcendent Media Capital Launches New Audience Driven Live Streamed Web Series at the World Economic Forum January 2020


Hong Kong-based Transcendent Media Capital (TMC) has announced today the launch of a new online, live-streamed, interactive reality web-series called Showing Up. It will follow co-hosts Peta Milan (Director of TMC and Co-Founder of Jade Eli Technologies) and Navroop Sahdev (CEO of The Digital Economist), behind the scenes at the World Economic Forum

in Davos as they meet with attendees, showing up in places where typically there is no permission to show up, in order to affect change.

The show will focus on women in traditionally male dominated areas, children taking on leadership roles, and men daring to step out of the status quo and show up in new ways to create change to the things that do not work in our society and environment. Currently, within the World Economic Forum Congress, there is still only around 20% representation of women. Aimed at people of all ages who are interested in making a difference for good in the world, this show will give people a chance to remotely interact with the hosts and influence the narrative of the show, as comments and suggestions from the audience will be responded to real time throughout the live stream. A T-shirt campaign called “I’m Showing Up”, is being run where people can buy their T-shirts and share on the site their stories and pictures about where they are showing up to make a difference. Proceeds from the sale of shirts go towards the filming of future seasons.

The World Economic Forum in Davos from January 19 to 24 marks the first of a series of seasons for Showing Up, which will travel the world and the journeys of people stepping out and showing up to facilitate change. Series one will take a particular focus on The Digital Economist which convenes enterprises, startups and innovators to explore, discuss and share business models and strategies to usher in the next phase of global economic transformation. The inaugural summit takes place at the Caspian Week (Davos, January 20–24, 2020), a platform for global ideas. It will bring together cutting-edge tools of economic science and hands-on industry experience. The event coincides with the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“Showing Up aims to break new ground in distributed media, where communities and audiences participate in building narratives. We are seeing this happening already in the world, where more and more people, adults and children, are showing up to speak out about issues that matter to them – as we have seen in the Climate Strikes this year.” said Peta Milan Founder of Transcendent Media Capital. She said, “We are seeing the end of passive 2D audiences, and increased engagement with people wanting to have their say and take action about issues that matter to them and we need a unified platform to facilitate that. Critical changes whether they be changes to our broken economic system, healthcare or climate change or meeting the SDG’s are more powerfully driven when communities get involved.”

Showing Up is created, directed and hosted by Peta Milan and can be viewed on

Transcendent Media Capital (TMC) is an award-winning media production and investment structuring company, specializing in social and environmental impact investment focusing on whole systems change. TMC combines media, technology, and proactive legal regulatory reform, developing programmes of investment which tackle global issues. TMC produces media content, both fiction and non-fiction across formats as part of its media portfolio. TMC has worked with NGO’s including Victim Support Europe, the European Commission and the World Bank, Driven by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, TMC is currently covering issues such as economics; agriculture and energy; cultural, religious and diversity education; sex and relationship education for kids; improving support for victims of crime; cybercrime; climate migration; counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization; biodiversity and conservation; sustainability and food security. For more information visit:

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