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The owners of the IP Zuma the Dog are excited to announce development work on Zuma the Dog’s animated TV series has begun. The series produced by new company Zuma the Dog Productions (a joint venture between Bertish & Company Ltd and Transcendent Media Capital Ltd) plan to cover new ground with their ‘Empathy-Inspired ed-tech and entertainment for kids focusing on diversity education.

“Since day one, Zuma the Dog has been a gender-neutral brand, all-inclusive, encompassing cultures and languages, love, and tolerance of diversity.” Says Bertish, brand creator. “We are working hard to create interesting and thought-provoking characters that are in keeping with our core brand philosophy and produce an animated series that works through today’s world issues in a gentle and fun way that is accessible for younger children.”

The series aimed at 2-6-year olds is expected to broadcast late 2020 and is set to shake up the children’s entertainment industry with its forward-thinking narratives by looking into the psychology, among other factors as to why someone would choose to bully or harm others. Zuma the Dog Productions will be partnering with licensees on the animated series (sperate to the original Zuma the Dog IP) and welcomes interested parties to get in touch.

As Zuma the Dog celebrates its 10th year since it was created, the owners also have more reason to celebrate as the cute little dog character has been awarded “Best Children’s Entertainment Brand 2018 – UK” by LUX Life Magazines Global Excellence Awards of 2018.

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Organization: Bertish & Company Ltd

Brand: Zuma the Dog

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