Transcendent Media Capital (TMC), a venture studio and asset portfolio manager, has appointed Jamie Moy – founder of Strongurl and Women on the Block – as Global Head of Product and Investment.  She joined earlier in the month. This addition will further expand TMC’s global network in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The hire complements TMC’s vision for directing capital and technology for environmental and social impact.

“Jamie brings her diverse and broad experience with 20+ years on Wall Street, working with startup companies, investment skills and community building efforts to the fold.  I am delighted to have her at the helm. Together we will continue the growth and global impact of our company.”
Peta Milan
Founder and CEO of Transcendent Media Capital



Ms. Moy further adds, “I am excited for this unique opportunity to collaborate with Peta, TMC and her team.  Their work and projects elevate and will set a new standard for businesses and investors to be both profitable and purposeful. I look forward to growing the ecosystem with them.“

TMC currently has a portfolio asset of approximately €200 million in development, some of which are ready for investment.  A new fund allowing investors to invest in ecosystems will be designed and brought to the market.

TMC has also partnered with Jade Eli Technologies (JET) 

JET is a leading innovation and software development company with expertise in technologies including OutSystems low-code, blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT and gamified systems to broaden the impact of the projects.  “Partnering with a company who shares our philosophy of design technology for good, strategically amplifies our impact,” said Ms. Milan.

Transcendent Media Capital (TMC) is a venture studio that creates advanced investing opportunities for capital leaders and influencers. Leveraging technology and media, TMC offers a new paradigm of investments – combining elements of a limited partner, a fund, an asset manager and an angel investor. All investments fall within the ecosystem that safeguards earth, peace/security, gender and youth, and includes metrics for real returns. We work with macro thinkers who see our interconnected world and interdependent global economy, and complex minds that are attuned to the simplicity of goodness.

Jade Eli Technologies (JET) JET is a leading boutique specialist in innovation strategy, management and delivery for clients with both B2B and B2C focus. We leverage our five technological pillars, OutSystems low-code, blockchain, enterprise artificial intelligence, IoT and gamification to empower client’s competitive advantage. To learn more visit