Why Not a Syrian Mother Superhero?

Marvel is redefining what a superhero can and should be with this Syrian mother as the main character of a graphic novel. “Madaya Mom” tells the story of a mom of five in the war-torn country.

Through her communication with ABC News, the mom explained that she and her family have faced intense hunger and that cold weather has forced them to burn their furniture for warmth. She also shared that her neighbor lost one of his legs after stepping on a landmine. Dalibor Talajić, the artist behind the comic, said that it was the way the mother described this “everyday horror” that impacted him. Through his art, he wanted to encourage readers to pay attention to the traumatizing reality Syrian people are facing.

“They are somewhere out there within our TV sets, some far world that we don’t belong to,” he told ABC News.

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso agreed that the “Madaya Mom” project, which includes a digital comic book and a graphic documentary, offers an important and necessary story that can’t be ignored.

See here for the full article, video by MicMedia below.

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