14-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Killing Her Allegedly Abusive Father

Where are the systems failing us that family feel like they are dead if they leave or dead if they stay, and then when so desperate that they have to take such traumatic measures as to kill a human being just to feel safe, it is a real life war. For many abused, they feel like there is no way out. As is often the case, abusers hunt and kill their victims if they dare leave. This is about power and control. And now there is a 14 year old girl in prison for taking the only action she felt she could take to keep her family safe. It doesn’t make murder right, but when people feel they have to kill, even in self-defence, then the system has severely failed them. Read here.


What do we need to do to improve services and systems to free people from abuse. Some may criticize Bresha’s mother for returning to an abusive husband and allowing the protection order to be dismissed, but Brandi Meadows is one of 85% of abuse victims in the U.S. to return to violence. Something in the support for these people is missing. What are your thoughts on this very complex issue?

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