Men as Victims of Domestic Violence: The Lesser Told Story

Various agencies around the world report that between 1 and 7, or 1 and 4 men experience abuse in their intimate partner relationships. The statistics depend on the agency and variations in statistics are often a result in the challenges men face in reporting abuse. In this article, Randy Flood, the co-founder of the Men’s Resource […]

A Hashtag to Help Abuse Victims in the Ukraine

“According to women’s rights groups, the conflict in east Ukraine has triggered a rise in gender-based violence. In a country where sexual abuse is rarely reported, the Facebook campaign #Iamnotscaredtospeak gives silent victims a voice.” Read the story here. Similarly, Free Yourself Global is launching its web series “Voices” as we invite people from around […]

Abuse in the Family Exists World-Wide

This is the story of Girlene, who grew up in Sao Luis, Brazil. Abused both physically and sexually by her father and then step-father, she is using her personal essay to work towards helping to heal this issue in her home country. Read Girlene’s incredible and harrowing story here. #Voices #Freeyourselfglobal PHOTO: PLAN INTERNATIONAL / […]