Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife Jennie Willoughby Just Wrote a Powerful Essay About Violence—and Not Being Believed

Last week two men in the White House were felled by domestic-violence allegations. One, David Sorensen, was a speechwriter; another, Rob Porter, a top aide. Porter had kept his job despite two ex-wives telling the FBI that he’d physically and mentally abused them. Both men would go on to resign—but on Friday President Donald Trump […]

Upset with a Trump Victory? Here’s what you can do… as an American Woman (Part 2)

  After a campaign season marred by unrelenting misogyny, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become this country’s president-elect. Trump’s win stunned much of the country, but it also troubled many groups of Americans, particularly women. Trump’s sexist comments throughout the campaign worried many women all along. Over the past year and a half, it has been […]