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#PomoćPostoji – TMC develops and produces National Serbian campaign for Victim Support

Earlier in 2017, the World Bank commissioned Victim Support Europe to undertake an extensive national study into Victim Support services throughout Serbia and to create a series of recommendations in alignment with the EU directives on Victim Support to help guide the establishment of a national victim support network. The study showed that of the estimated victims of crime in Serbia, only between 2 – 17% of victims seek help. Part of the development work Victim Support Europe undertook was the development of a national interactive map, that could show victims the locations of support services nearest them

Transcendent Media Capital was engaged to create a content strategy and design a national media campaign for Victim Support, with the aim of creating awareness of some of the types of victimization that can occur, information on rights that exist, who to contact to seek support – all with the intention of increasing help seeking behaviour.

The cornerstone of the content strategy was a TV commercial that was hard hitting and edgy capturing imagery that would then be reflected in a print media campaign. In a country where 93% of the populations main source of media consumption is TV, the TV programming will run throughout October to November, followed by a social media campaign throughout November to December.

#PomoćPostoji in Serbian translates in English to #HelpIsHere and the campaign targets all victims of crime, while the TV commercial itself focuses on six forms of victimization:

Victims of:

  • War crimes
  • Rape in a domestic violence context
  • Child abuse
  • Racial hatred crimes
  • Elder abuse
  • Victims of burglary

Production ran over 12th and 13th of September and we’re delighted to share some behind the scenes shots of the commercial. The commercial was written and directed by Peta Milan and involved an entirely talented Serbian crew and cast.

If you have experienced being a victim of crime, contact to find a support centre nearest you.

Transcendent Media Capital specialises in the creation of social and environmental impact content and we uniquely develops metrics to measure the real impact of our productions. For more information about our services, contact



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