How Domestic Violence In One Home Affects Every Child In A Class

Much is being done around the world to reduce the incidents of domestic violence and often the focus is on women and empowering them with a voice and options that will allow them to get to safety. There have also been many studies undertaken to investigate the impact of violence in the home on children and the likelihood of violence affecting them as children, either as becoming abusers or victims or both. The cycle of violence is an insidious one. Here is one story from a school in the U.S as they attempt to address the very real situation they face daily of children in their classrooms who are exposed to and affected by violence in the home and also the impact on the other children in their class. As we collect stories for the Free Yourself Global campaign, read here for one example from school teachers. Stay tuned for our upcoming web series “Voices” where we explore the issue of domestic violence in families globally and how to free people from the cycle of violence. #freeyourselfglobal #voices #transcendentmediacapital



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