Woman Shares Eye-Opening Text Convo To Show What Everyday Abuse Can Look Like

One Imgur user’s post has recently gone viral for its horrifying portrayal of what an abusive relationship can look like.  KrissyKross, who requested to be referred to by her Imgur username, told HuffPost that she decided to share the text screenshots on Monday because it was the third anniversary of her ex-husband’s sentencing. The below messages are […]

Sold for a bottle of beer: Sexual abuse haunts children in Indigenous communities

Sexual violation of children is an ugly fact of life worldwide, crossing all cultural, educational and socio-economic boundaries. Within Canada’s overall population, research shows one in three girls and one in six boys experience an unwanted sexual act, with 30 to 40 per cent of victims abused by a family member. Research is beginning to […]

Woman killed herself after her stepfather was cleared of repeatedly raping her for over 7 years

A woman whose stepfather was cleared of sexually abusing her as a child killed herself three years after he was acquitted. Her mother Judith Parkin told the inquest Ms. Crew “never fully recovered from the feeling of injustice” following her stepfather’s trial. A jury found church organist Nigel Parkin, 60, not guilty of eight rape charges and two […]