Project Name: SKYrace
Theme: E-Sport and Future Technology

The world’s first zero emissions sport, relying solely on gravity, solar and wind power, these gliders are the fastest sporting vehicle in the world reaching speeds over 400kmph. SKYrace is the first sport which is truly grounded in gender equality, men and women able to compete equally against each other without handicaps. A joint venture between Transcendent Media Capital and Planetaire, SKYrace is a new global franchise that utilises Artificial Intelligence enabling groundbreaking ways for audiences to engage in the sport. Gamers can compete real time using AI and VR technologies with the actual pilots in the SKYrace competition. A franchise has already been signed in China and there are 19 franchise seats left at this table. We are currently seeking investors who share our values of sustainability and gender equality and who are excited by future tech to help us expand our franchise base, fund our media assets and prepare for the launch of the SKYrace World Cup. To learn more about this project request investor information.
Status: Open to Investors
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Free Yourself Global
Project Name: Free Yourself Global
Theme: Domestic & Inter-Familial Abuse

Profit generating social Impact project with the aim of reducing the prevalence of domestic homicide globally. Focusing on domestic abuse, this project is a collaboration of over 200 NGO’s globally coming together to to undertake a large scale impact project involving the use of Cognitive Technology and AI addressing prevention, policing, justice, victim support and rehabilitation across cultures. With a portion of the proceeds going to our NGO partners, a range of media assets are being created as part of the project to develop revenue streams that will deliver returns to our investors, contribute funding to our NGO partners, fund ongoing media productions and the sustainability of the impact project. To learn more about this project click here.
Status: In development – Open to Investors February 2018

Wild Wonders International
Project Name: Wild Wonders International
Theme: Conservation and Biodiversity

A joint venture between Transcendent Media Capital and Wild Wonders International, owned by prolific nature photographers Staffan Widstrand and Magnus Lundgren, the Wild Wonders International is the launch of a new global conservation and biodiversity franchise. Famed for their enormous success of Wild Wonders of Europe which saw over 800 million people engage with the enormous photographic exhibitions, we are launching the new WWI company with Wild Wonders of China. Still and Motion Picture media assets deriving revenues for both the franchisor and franchisees, these activities are coupled with global and local biodiversity and conservation projects with real and measurable environmental impact, improving the normalisation of conservation activities of local communities, resulting in a reduction of our environmental footprint globally. We are currently seeking NGO partners around the world specialising in environmental conservation and biodiversity protection and rehabilitation to participate in the design of our environmental impact projects and to become financial beneficiaries of the these projects.
Status: In development - Open to Investors November 2018
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Youth De-Risked
Project Name: Youth De-Risked
Theme: Youth at Risk

Youth De-Risked is a profit generating social impact project that acknowledges four pillars of risk that our youth face today. Risk of lack of access to education and jobs, risk of drugs and crime, risk of mental illness including suicide and depression and risk of abuse and exploitation. The project also acknowledges that these risk factors often lead to homelessness and poverty. This project currently in its design stage and collaboration with some of the worlds premiere NGO's bringing together a variety of social impact projects to provide safety and reduce risks for children. Included in the wide range of media assets of this project are feature films, online games, docu-series and more.
Status: In development - Open to Investors November 2018
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Yet to be named Cybercrime Project
Project Name: Yet to be named Cybercrime Project
Theme: Child Sex Exploitation

Child sex exploitation including grooming, trafficking, child sex abuse, online stalking and slavery have existed long before the advent of the internet, however the internet has made child sex exploitation practices easier for perpetrators. This project aims to reduce the incidents of child sex exploitation online and brings together a wide range of experts from around the globe, IT specialists with AI specialisation and media and education for both parents and children.
Status: In development - Open to Investors February 2019
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Zuma the Dog and Friends
Project Name: Zuma the Dog and Friends
Theme: Cultural / Religious Tolerance & Gender Equality

Bullying and gender stereotypes are precursors to larger social issues such as domestic violence. We follow Zuma the dog and his pals through adventures relatable to 2 - 6 year old in a comical and age appropriate way teaching children about healthy communication, conflict resolution, acceptance of diversity, breaking down traditional gender stereotypes. Zuma and his pals have advertures where they learn about equality and consent and and healthy relationships. Made for TV, Zuma is already a notable character in a clothing line created by Samantha Bertish-Morgan who was famed for developing the Spice Girls clothing line and also Zuma also has his own online game. There will also be an education series for schools created in line with the TV show including a customized education curriculum.
Status: Open to Investors July 2019

The Sojourn Framework
Project Name: The Sojourn Framework
Theme: Climate Migrants & Refugees

The Sojourn Framework was formulated by notable photographer Jim O'Donnell and Transcendent Media Capital and is focused on the issue of climate change resulting in the mass migration of people. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) predicts as many as 143 million prople will be dispaced by 2050 due to climate events. There is compelling evidence to argue conflict zones such as the Syrian crisis started as a result of human-induced climatic change. This social impact project aims to follow the journey of climate migrants and will support the development of an international legal framework for displaced people, tackle infrastructure issues to support mass movements of people and victim support for most vulnerable people who are faced with the insidious world of commercialisation and exploitation of refugees. The Sojourn Framework is creating a survior-centred technology that assist victims of these mass casualty events, in collaboration with law enforcement, policy makers and victim support NGO's. Revenue generating media projects include a docu-series, a feature length film, and photographic series to name a few. Photo-credit Jim O'Donnell
Status: Open to Investors September 2019

Faces of Terror
Project Name: Faces of Terror
Theme: Counter-Terrorism & Counter-Radicalisation

Terrorism and Radicalisation is an expanding global issue and first responders still struggle manage the complexity of mass victim events. This project reaches out to survivors from across these attacks and intimately explore the impact of these events on their lives. We come to understand the mechanisms of radicalisation and the experience of perpetrators families. We dispel the myths that these types of attacks are only the result of Islamist extremists and show how terrorist methodologies are being used also by neo-nazis, alt-right extremists, emerging groups such as In-Cel, gangs and lone actors. We explore that many families and friends of terrorist suspects were unaware of the radicalisation of their loved one. We speak with leaders around the world specialised in counter-terrorism and first responders to understand the complexity of tackling mass casualty events and what initiatives are being undertaken by leading international counter-terrorism agencies, nation states, law enforcement and victim support agencies. We also explore the issue of gender. What is it about masculinity and disenfranchisement that sees the majority of perpetrators being young men and what sets them off on their sprees of terror and makes them susceptible to radicalisation. Why do some men get radicalised and others not? This 5 part docu-series takes an unprecepdent and in-depth look at this phenomenon that is spearding across the world.
Status: Open to Investors

Yet to be Named Ethnic Cleansing Project
Project Name: Yet to be Named Ethnic Cleansing Project
Theme: Ethnic Cleansing

Following from Transcendent Media Capital's CEO Peta Milan's expedition to Myanmar in 2013, as she smuggled herself across the Chinese boarder in the back of a water truck, we open up the realities of the horrific ethnic cleansing of ethnic groups in Myanmar. Exploring first hand the human rights abuses committed by the Burmese against the Kachin people and other groups such as the Rohingya, Shan, Karin and others, we unravel the extensive corruption of the Burmese law makers, army and politicians behind the facade of Myanmar opening up its borders to the West.
Status: Open to investors November 2018

The Confusing World of Ibi and Sim
Project Name: The Confusing World of Ibi and Sim
Theme: Sex and Relationships

An animated comedy series tackling the current challenging issues of sex and relationships faced by pre-teens and young teens today. Aimed at young people aged 10-15, the show will provide guidance as well as hysterically funny and relatable humour. The directors will work with young people in the UK, workshopping issues such as sexting, consent, boundaries, pornography, communication, gender and sexual identity, body image, LGBTQI issues, and blended families, to use real - life scenarios to drive script development. “The Confusing World of Ibi and Sim” is created by the award-winning writer and director Ruth Beni, writer and performer Talia Randall, and award-winning director and producer Peta Milan; Alan Kerswell is the production designer.
Status: Open to investors February 2019