Our Approach

Our Approach:

Transcendent Media Capital combines its convergent media strategy to maximise returns and reduce risk exposure for investors by commercializing one story across media platforms in a range of formats. We use our story telling capabilities and media assets to tell stories, whether fiction or non-fiction, about some kind of social or environmental issue with the intent to improve that situation globally. TMC partners with NGO’s and researchers around the world and contributes a MINIMUM of 15% of its net proceeds to those groups working to solve these complex issues. Current projects range across issues such as domestic violence, mental health, illegal sex trafficking, ethnic cleansing, and spina bifida research to name a few. Any direct donations to these issues through our site are contributed directly to our affiliate charities.

Transcendent Media Capital provides the full production service from asset acquisition and development, through the entire production cycle to international sales. We partner with international sales agencies to ensure our high quality productions deliver returns.

The majority of our profits are reinvested into creating and telling new stories and addressing different social, cultural and environmental issues. TMC hopes to provide a working example and model for developing profitable businesses that genuinely contribute benefit to social and environmental issues. We believe that this is the way forward for businesses of the future.

TMC is also exploring development in future media as a way to intensify the story participation of audiences through virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – Being who we said we would be in all actions and communications. Walking our talk.
  • Quality – Bringing the highest standard and attention to detail into all of our deliverables. Striving for the realisation of our vision and not settling for less than the dream.
  • Innovation – Bringing creativity and innovative vision and thinking to all of our projects and how we choose to deliver and commercialise them. Supporting entrepreneurship.
  • Inclusivity – Providing a platform that is globally inclusive, where all voices and points of view can be heard, grounded in knowledge and resource sharing.

Our Mission:

  • To tell high-quality, social impact stories for international distribution that deliver returns to our investors whilst making a positive difference in the world.

Our Vision:

  • To create a safe place where people can use story-telling to heal conflict and contribute to productive problem-solving globally.

Transcendent Media Capital is also co-producing content with other production companies around the world.

Transcendent Media Capital runs virtual offices.

Team members are located across UK, Europe and North America and TMC currently developing content with writers in Canada, Portugal, France, New Zealand, U.S.A, Germany and Italy.

For more information on new or existing projects, contact Peta Milan at peta@www.transcendent-media.com