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Short Film Premiere at Supporting Victims of Cybercrime Conference in Brussels

Brussels – 30th November 2017 – cybercrime, film & victim support

Victim Support Europe will hold it’s conference on Supporting Victims of Cybercrime in Brussels on December 8 2017 bringing together a host of European and National experts from the field.

Recognising the millions of people who fall victim to cybercrime every year and who are in desperate need of support, this conference will focus on what the EU, governments, social media organisations and NGOs can do to help victims in the aftermath of the many types of cybercrime that exist.

Levent Altan, Executive Director of Victim Support Europe says “The conference will include an interesting variety of speakers including victims of illegal dissemination of private images and of stalking, victim support organisations, representatives from Facebook, and European institutions including the European Commission and European Parliament.”

The short film entitled “Right to be Forgotten”  written and directed by Peta Milan from Transcendent Media Capital for this event, addresses the impacts of graphic image abuse, commonly referred to as revenge porn,  a particular cybercrime resulting in suicides across the planet, will be premiered at this event.

Peta Milan says “Premiering this film on this day is particularly special to me as it would have been the birthday of my sister Bianca who took her own life 10 years ago. If this film can help create awareness and spur legislators and social media giants to take effective action to criminalize these actions and improve support for victims in the aftermath, we may see a decrease in the current rising trend of suicides resulting from online bullying and revenge porn”

 The conference will focus on the needs of  victims, how we can better support them and what the EU needs to do next to improve support for victims of Cybercrime

For more details about the Supporting Victims of Cybercrime conference or the release of the film “Right to Be Forgotten” contact

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Swedish pioneering AI Navicam™ technology making a splash at SMASH

Helsinki – 29th November 2017 – SMASH sports & tech event.

Swedish company CAPTIMAX – with its unique robotic camera technology, Navicam™ won the AI category at this years SMASH sports & tech event in Finland.

The unique technology enables tracking targets (vehicles or athletes) ensuring that the movement of the camera is perfectly synchronised with the movement of the object it is filming.

Navicam™ technology is also used in the spectacular new start-up venture: SKYrace! Open to investors in the coming months. SKYrace is a partnership of Planetaire and Transcendent Media Capital launching the worlds first environmentally friendly sport & e-sport competition and an international World Cup. 

The Navicam™ technology attached to the gliders of SKYrace, each glider knowing where the other one is, in order to film the race from the air without helicopters; all in a seamless, captivating spectacle of what will be – the fastest race on earth.

The AI category win at the SMASH event was enthusiastically received by CEO of Captimax & Planetaire: Mario Hytten, former Swedish Formula racing driver and visionary entrepreneur.


For additional information on Captimax and SKYrace contact

Captimax Sports Media, Mario Hytten during Smash Helsinki, Kattilahalli Suvilahti 29. November 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.
Glider at Dusk, FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix, Vitacura Airfield, Santiago, Chile, South America
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Transcendent Media Capital acquire exclusive world-wide media production rights for Planetaire’s SRWC.

Sweden, 5 June 2017 

Today, on World Environment Day, Transcendent Media Capital announce they have acquired exclusive world-wide media production rights for Planetaire’s Skyrace World Cup. Click here to view our film “I’m With Nature” celebrating World Environment Day

Planetaire are the corporate body for Skyrace, the first interactive, genuinely eco-friendly e-Sport offering a 21st century alternative to grand-prix format speed competitions such as Formula 1. Gliders reach top-speed in excess of 300km/h exploiting gravity and meteorological phenomena. Skyrace gliders will not require any fossil fuel whatsoever, as even the launch-process is ensured by a propeller that draws its energy from solar-generated electricity.

Planetaire is in the process of establishing 20 franchises across 5 continents, each of which will train a pilot to represent his/her country in the Skyrace World Cup.

Using state-of-the art filming methodologies and future technologies Transcendent Media Capital will assume responsibility for overseeing media production locally and globally for each of the national teams and eventually for the Skyrace World Cup.

Bringing interactivity and e-Sports to mainstream sports viewing, the partnership between Planetaire and Transcendent Media Capital aims to revolutionise the way by which audiences interact with sport, bringing a sustainability and an eco-friendly ethic to elite sports.

With a Chinese Skyrace franchise already committed, filming locally in China will commence in September 2017. Peta Milan, CEO of Transcendent Media Capital explains, “with emerging technologies becoming affordably available, there is an enormous opportunity to be innovative about how we engage audiences and bring sustainability and environmental preservation to the forefront of ethics in business.”

Mario Hytten, CEO at Planetaire says, “our motto is that Skyrace shall be the sport that celebrates the planet. Its competitions will therefore take place some of the most stunning natural locations on the planet. Fans will engage with the sport remotely, through an exciting combination of state-of-the art media platforms. The calibre of the resulting content will be key to attracting sponsorship from companies that must engage with the Z-generation. It was therefore essential for us to attract a partner with the expertise to generate and distribute such content.”


About Transcendent Media Capital: Transcendent Media Capital Ltd is a global media production company, which provides corporate services and advisory in generating returns from media capital and specialises in the production of entertainment content focusing on high-quality, high social and environmental impact stories, in the form of feature films, short-films, documentary, games, digital and social media products, television, music and print media.

About Planetaire: a Swedish company that creates communication platforms for brands to maximise awareness about their commitment to a sustainable planet. Learn more about Planetaire’s approach at

Contact: Markus Henschel, Technical Director Information and Technology / +351 919 593 245 /


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TMC Media Channel gets a New Face

We are excited to announce that the TMC Media Channel has had an overhaul and now has a new face! Given our limited amount of content, tireless hours went into building this new channel to have us present more powerfully to our prospects, the media industry and potential investors.


Enormous gratitude to our ever hard working Technical Director, Markus for the weeks of work and effort that went into this revamp. Enjoy! Click on the picture below to enjoy exploring the new channel


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Our Virtual Office is Now Live!

Hello everybody and welcome to our TMC virtual Office Phase 1. We are so excited to bring this office to you that will enable a single entry point to all of your work tools and applications required to work from anywhere in the world for TMC. Regular updates will be made to the Virtual Office and announced via our #Lounge in Slack and in the Lounge of the VO portal. Enjoy… any questions or suggestions please send through to #it-support in Slack. Enjoy!

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TMC Slack Channel is live

Our TMC slack channel is live. Slack is s team communication software that allows for transparent and structured communication for a virtual office environment. Enables cool automation, bots (artificial intelligence) and other tech and integrations. You can now find it in the VOP.

Happy Slacking… @markus

Join via and use your TMC address.

Slack has a website, a desktop app for windows and mac as well as mobile apps for Apple and Android. This way you’ll never miss out on communication. Slack also has plenty of plugins and macros/commands that we will gradually roll out, such as /skype @markus; that would open a skype call with me.

Spend some time with the learning center and the slackbot to learn how to use it.

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