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Content creation and media production are often recorded as expense items for companies. At Transcendent Media Capital we work with clients to turn their main content producing hubs, namely marketing and corporate social responsibility departments into profit centres through the development of media capital.






Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and ultimately, to drive action.”





Transcendent Media Capital brings together 3 key forces known as convergencemedia and entertainment, technology and creativity to enhance engagement with enterprises and their core markets. TMC works throughout the entire creation lifecycle.

With in-house content production capability and access to international writers, directors and performers, our virtual offices are well positioned to work globally with our international teams fluent in a multitude of languages. Our process involves:

  1. assisting the organisation to define its purpose and goals for its marketing and CSR strategies,
  2. refinement of the content strategy and target audience,
  3. development of values driven stories using a convergent media approach,
  4. overseeing of the production process from writing all the way to post-production and distribution, and
  5. assessment of campaign effectiveness against key metrics.


With access to to our Virtual Office Portal, clients will have real-time access to updates on production and budgets, can assess results against expected outcomes, can access the latest research and white papers on our database and communicate via chat with project leaders.

We work with clients to produce convergent media campaigns including, depending on clients individual needs:

  • Social media marketing initiatives
  • SEO for content consistency
  • PR campaigns
  • Pay-per-click strategies
  • Feature length film, TV series, print media and music
  • Web application and mobile app design and build
  • Cause-related marketing partnerships with global causes
  • Development of results metrics, linking financial returns from media assets back to the client.

We specialise in productions for companies who are committed to communicating their values of corporate social and environmental responsibility by applying cause-related marketing methodologies to their content marketing strategies and productions. We operate in the top three sponsorship categories: sport, entertainment and causes, ensuring that each company we work with is aligned with Transcendent Media Capital’s core values and has a genuine commitment to social and ecological betterment of the planet.





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