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Content creation and media production are often recorded as expense items for companies. At Transcendent Media Capital we work with clients to turn their main content producing hubs, namely marketing, technology and corporate social responsibility departments into profit centres through the development of media capital, whilst developing real and quantifiable social and environmental impact projects that deliver social and environmental returns.






In attempting to cure society’s ills, people from all walks of life are looking to the corporation to serve as more than a machine to generate shareholder value – if only because corporations have the money to do so. – Marc J Epstein




Social and environmental responsibility is no longer enough as an espoused value, or a charity donation. Content creation for real social and environmental impact commitments of organizations, communicating to their audience the real contributions being made by their brand is now a profitable business case. Organisations are having to face a changing environment where what is being demanded of organisations is not only to supply high quality products and services and generate returns to shareholders, but also to demonstrate how they’re are contributing to making the world a better place. This is being demanded not only by consumers, but also employees and prospective employees. High value content that is sold at media markets for big returns is increasing becoming society or environment focused. Case examples are the IMAX production of National Parks Adventure, one of the highest grossing IMAX productions on record, and feature films such as 12 Years a Slave, or The Help, or Blood Diamond, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest environmental documentary Before the Flood which is one of the highest grossing documentaries ever released. Whilst story-telling is a powerful way to communicate the need for change… real change needs to combine the story WITH actual impact projects. Blood Diamond had a multi-million dollar PR and education program attached to the film funded by the World Diamond Council, which helped see the Kimberly Process reinvigorated and improved processes around tracking of conflict diamonds.

Even a short film like A Dangerous Journey, by talented film maker, Ruth Beni assisted to change legislation where women used to traffic drugs from the Caribbean to the UK were charged as drug traffickers, was changed to being treated as victims of human trafficking. This resulted in ‘L’, whose conviction was quashed in 2013 by the Court of Criminal Appeal in a landmark non-punishment case demonstrating that victims of human trafficking should not be prosecuted and convicted for criminal acts they were forced to perform. Social and environmental impact stories sell.

Whether your organisation is committed to environmental conservation, or providing opportunities for people with disabilities, or empowering women in technology, or putting an end to trafficking… whatever the commitment, coupling powerful content and media with active impact projects is one of the most powerful ways to put your company ahead of the competition, whilst generating additional streams of revenue.

Transcendent Media Capital brings together 3 key forces known as convergencemedia and entertainment, technology and social and environmental impact to enhance engagement with enterprises and their core markets. TMC works throughout the entire creation lifecycle.

With in-house content production capability and access to international writers, directors and performers, our virtual offices are well positioned to work globally with our international teams fluent in a multitude of languages.

With access to to our Virtual Office Portal, clients will have real-time access to updates on production and budgets, can assess results against expected outcomes, can access the latest research and white papers on our database and communicate via chat with project leaders.

We work with clients to produce convergent media campaigns including, depending on clients individual needs:

  • Design the International Social Venture (ISV) program and establishment of NGO partnerships and leading experts
  • Connection of the ISV to Internal Marketing and Human Resources programs, recognising HR vales
  • Development of Media Assets for production, sale and distribution
  • Development of key performance metrics for triple bottom line on all projects: financial – social – environmental impact.
  • Production of Media Assets
  • Sale and Distribution of Media Assets
  • Oversight of the implementation and measurement of KPI’s for the ISV
  • Reporting on results and documentation of business case and case studies.

We specialise in productions for companies who are committed to communicating their values of corporate social and environmental responsibility and genuinely having their organisation and team members contributing to projects that bring real social and environmental returns. All projects are designed to be for-profit whilst also empowering quantifiable social and environmental impacts.


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